Job Opportunities

Majors Lab Monitors

The Majors Lab is staffed by Computer Science students during its hours of operation. Lab Monitors are responsible for opening and closing the lab, assisting users with computer use, keeping the printer stocked with paper and toner, reporting computer and maintenance problems to the System Administrators, and keeping order in the lab.

To be considered for employment, Lab Monitors must be available to work at least one evening and one weekend shift.

Students who would like to apply for a position as a Lab Monitor should fill out an application.

Lab monitor availability announcements will be posted to departmental student e-mail lists toward the end of each semester. Applications will not be accepted until after the announcement has been posted.

Systems Group

The Systems Group is the system administration and support group for the Computer Science Department. It consists of full-time staff and student staff. The students are system administrators-in-training, expected to assist the full-time staff in meeting the operational needs of the department, learning aspects of the discipline hands-on while providing valuable support to students, staff, and faculty.

Systems Group personnel are expected to commit up to 20 hours per week during regular business hours.

Successful system administrators are autonomous problem-solvers, and the Systems Group application is intended to provide some insight into the diagnostic skill of an applicant.

System Group availability announcements are posted to student e-mail lists near the end of each semester. Applications for the next semester will not be accepted until an announcement has been posted to the departmental student e-mail lists.