Reporting Problems

Reporting Problems

If you have a problem with a Computer Science computing resource, please use the following procedures.

The Computer Science System Group Helpdesk is the preferred method for users to contact the System Group to report problems and request additional services.

For more serious problems, the following list of contacts should be attempted in order, until contact is made. Give sufficient time for someone to respond to a call/email before moving on to the next contact method.

In an emergency (such as the system outage, theft, fire, or flood), the system administrator should be contacted in addition to the first contact made according to the list.

Contact Order

  1. Place a request at helpdesk
  2. Email
  3. Phone the Systems Office at 644-4019.
  4. Call the Systems Administrator at 644-0516.
  5. Call the Systems Manager at 644-4290.

Please use good judgment when attempting to report a problem. Most problems are of a nature where a response time of a few hours or half of a day is appropriate. For example, don’t call all the numbers at 3:30 on a Sunday morning if one of the printers is out of paper! Just submit a help desk ticket instead. More than likely a member of the System group is monitoring the help desk during the evening and weekend hours.