Services Provided by the Systems Group

The Computer Science Systems Group provides a variety of services for the members of the Computer Science community. The services offered are orientated toward meeting the needs of the classes taught by the department, and creating an environment where students may explore their potential in the computer sciences. The services offered, include:

Computer Science Systems Group Helpdesk

The Computer Science Systems Group Helpdesk is the preferred method for users to contact the Systems Group to report problems and request additional services.

For more serious problems, the following list of contacts should be attempted in order, until contact is made. Give sufficient time for someone to respond to a call/email before moving on to the next contact method.

In an emergency (such as the system outage), the systems administrator should be contacted in addition to the first contact made according to the list. In case of fire, please call 911.

Contact Order

  1. Place a request at
  2. Email
  3. Phone the Systems Office at 644-4019.
  4. Call the Systems Administrator at 644-0516.
  5. Call the Systems Manager at 644-4290.

Systems Group operates M-F 8-5. We answer most helpdesk calls and helpdesk tickets between a few minutes to half of a day during week days. If you cannot reach us via above numbers or it’s a weekend day, please open a helpdesk ticket. More than likely a member of the Systems group is monitoring the help desk during the evening and weekend hours.

Web Services [more info]

Two WWW servers are provided for use by the Computer Science community. hosts department websites, faculty websites, and courses websites. Server is available to all students in the Computer Science community. Both servers use Apache and feature CGI support.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching [more info]

The Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formerly Imagine, DreamSpark, Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance or MSDNAA) is a special program designed with the intention of providing academic institutions, faculty, and students with the latest development tools.

Database Services

Database servers running Mariadb 5 on Linux are available for research use by professors and graduate students, and for classes which require SQL services. Please contact the Systems Group via the Helpdesk to setup Database services..

Unix Shell Accounts

A collection of UNIX based machines are provided, and include:

  • Program Stack
    • The Program Stack comprises twelve machines; eight Linux machines (,,,,,,, and four Sun machines (,,, and The Linux machines may be accessed via SSH at, in addition to the machine specific name and Sun machines via SSH at We recommend linprog over program as linprog machines are state-of-art powerful computers funded by Student Technology Fees.
  • General Shell Access Machines
    • Three machines are provided for general UNIX usage:,, and All machines may be accessed via SSH, and in addition to normal UNIX services, these machines provide access to e-mail. is only available to graduate students and professors. Please note, do NOT program on these servers as they are not as powerful as and programming tools on these servers are not maintained. Professors use to grade your assignments and they may get different results.

Student Labs [more info]

Two student labs are available. The main lab for the Computer Science department is the Majors Lab (located in LOV 025). The Majors Lab features 36 dual boot Windows 10/Linux Mint 18 machines. All computers in the lab are funded by the Student Technology Fees.

A smaller lab is provided for use by graduate students only. The Grad Lab (located in LOV 104A) features 7 dual boot Windows/Linux machines.

Printing [more info]

The Systems Group manages a collection of laserjet printers spread over the department’s facilities. For a list of available printers, and how to print to them, please follow this link.