Computer Science Wireless Local Area Network (CSWLAN)

CSWLAN is the enhanced wireless network covering the Computer Science department of the Florida State University. It provides an encrypted wireless connection, automatic login after initial setup, and support for a wide variety of devices and operating systems including Windows, Android, OSX, iOS, and Linux.

Depending on your device’s OS and version, you may need to install an additional security certificate identifying our provider to your OS. If you are unable to connect to CSWLAN using your CS username and password, try downloading and installing the following certificate chain:

You may follow these guides for assistance. (Note that they may refer to an older certificate authority. Any references to ‘ipsCA’ in the guides below should be replaced with Comodo Certificate Authority.)

If you do not see a guide for your device, make sure your wireless system supports 802.1x, WPA2-Enterprise, and AES. If you are having trouble connecting, please bring the device to systems office. We will work with you to set it up. We may ask you to take screenshots so we can setup a how-to for other users with similar device.