Microsoft Imagine Program

Microsoft Imagine Program



The Microsoft Imagine Program (formerly, DreamSpark, Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance or MSDNAA) provides academic institutions, faculty, and students with the latest development tools at a low annual cost. The Computer Science Department at FSU subscribes to the program, providing software resources to both students and faculty.

Students may sign up for access to the department’s Imagine website portal to download software for their own educational use. Students must adhere to the program’s usage guidelines.


Access to the Imagine Website Portal is granted on a semester-by-semester basis, and a new agreement must be signed each semester for which access is requested. To be eligible for access, students must:

  1. Be registered in a course for credit within the FSU Computer Science Department
  2. Have acquired a Computer Science login account (see Creating a CS Account)
  3. Read and agree to abide by the Usage Guidelines and EULA listed above
  4. Sign and return the agreement form:

    Fill out the form, print it, sign, and return it to the Systems Group offices in MCH208. Or you may fill out the form electronically and e-mail it to the Systems Group at

After your signed agreement form has been received and your course registration information has been verified, you should receive notice from the Imagine site when your account has been activated.

Activation information is sent to your CS e-mail account. Some e-mail providers reject these messages when forwarded. If you have enabled forwarding of your CS e-mail, you may need to disable it to receive your activation notice.

NOTE: Agreement forms will not be accepted during the final week of the semester.

Imagine Website Portal (login required)

MSDN Library

The MSDN Library is an enormous volume of information invaluable to computer science students. It contains gigabytes of technical articles, tool documentation, SDK documents, DDK documents, sample code, and MS Developer Knowledge Base articles.

For more information: MSDN LIBRARY