Hardware Information


The Computer Science Department hosts many servers for use with several different applications. In order to balence the needs of our users, servers are designated by both allowed usage and by the groups of users that are allowed to use them. Following is a list of our public servers and thier allowed usage.

Server Name Operating System User Groups Allowed Usage
shell.cs.fsu.edu Linux C, M, F, G G, E
quake.cs.fsu.edu Linux C, M, F, G G, E
diablo.cs.fsu.edu Linux F, G G, E
mail.cs.fsu.edu and mail2.cs.fsu.edu Linux C, M, F, G E
program(1-4).cs.fsu.edu Sun OS C, M, F, G P
linprog(1-8).cs.fsu.edu Linux C, M, F, G P
dbsrv.cs.fsu.edu and dbsrv2.cs.fsu.edu Linux C, M, F, G D(see notes)
www.cs.fsu.edu Linux F W
ww2.cs.fsu.edu Linux C*, M, F, G W
gpu(1-3).cs.fsu.edu Linux C, M, F, G P

* Only for students who are taking web design courses

Abbreviation Legend
User Groups Allowed Usage
Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning
C Class Account G General Purpose
M Majors Account E Email
G Grad Account P Programming
F Staff/Faculty Account W Web Development
D Database Services


  • Accounts on ww2.cs.fsu.edu and dbsrv.cs.fsu.edu are not automatically generated when you create your account. These accounts are granted to students only when their class requires these resources to complete the class. See your instructor and information elsewhere on this website for more information.
  • Email is allowed and enabled only on those servers noted here.
  • Programming IS NOT ALLOWED on any server not designated for that purpose. The program and linprog servers have been set aside specifically for that purpose, so please use them.